Mis Quarterly Special Issue Business Intelligence Research Paper

Business intelligence & analytics (BI&A) has evolved to become a foundational cornerstone of enterprise decision support. Since the way BI&A is implemented and assimilated is quite different among organizations is important to approach BI&A literature by four selected diffusion stages (adoption, implementation, use and impacts of use). The diffusion stages assume a crucial importance to track the BI&A evolution in organizations and justify the investment made. The main focus of this paper is to evidence BI&A research on its several diffusion stages. It provides an updated bibliography of BI&A articles published in the IS journal and conferences during the period of 2000 and 2013. A total of 30 articles from 11 journals and 8 conferences are reviewed. This study contributes to the BI&A research in three ways. This is the first systematic mapping study focused on BI&A diffusion stages. It contributes to see how BI&A stages have been analyzed (theories used, data collection methods, analysis methods and publication source). Finally, it observes that little attention has been given to BI&A post-adoption stages and proposes future research line on this area.

Volume 36, Number 4 — December 2012

Special Issue: Business Intelligence Research

Business Intelligence and Analytics: From Big Data to Big Impact
Hsinchun Chen, Roger H. L. Chiang, and Veda C. Storey (pp. 1165-1188)

Research Articles

Bidding Behavior Evolution in Sequential Auctions: Characterization and Analysis
Paulo B. Goes, Gilbert G. Karuga, and Arvind K. Tripathi
(pp. 1021-1042)

Information Technology Outsourcing, Knowledge Transfer, and Firm Productivity: An Empirical Analysis
Young Bong Chang and Vijay Gurbaxani
(pp. 1043-1063)

Impact of User Satisfaction with Mandated CRM Use on Employee Service Quality
J. J. Po-An Hsieh, Arun Rai, Stacie Petter, and Ting Zhang
(pp. 1065-1080)

Dialectics of Collective Minding: Contradictory Appropriations of Information Technology in a High-Risk Project
Jessica Luo Carlo, Kalle Lyytinen, and Richard J. Boland, Jr.
(pp. 1081-1108)

Growth and Sustainability of Managed Security Services Networks: An Economic Perspective
Alok Gupta and Dmitry Zhdanov
(pp. 1109-1130)

Research Notes

The Effectiveness of Online Shopping Characteristics and Well-Designed Websites on Satisfaction
Jifeng Luo, Sulin Ba, and Han Zhang
(pp. 1131-1144)

Does Information Technology Investment Influence a Firm’s Market Value? A Case of Non-Publicly Traded Healthcare Firms
Rajiv Kohli, Sarv Devaraj, and Terence T. Ow
(pp. 1145-1163)

Special Issue Articles

Business Intelligence in Blogs: Understanding Consumer Interactions and Communities
Michael Chau and Jennifer Xu
(pp. 1189-1216)

A Social Network-Based Inference Model for Validating Customer Profile Data
Sung-Hyuk Park, Soon-Young Huh, Wonseok Oh, and Sang Pil Han
(pp. 1217-1237)

Web 2.0 Environmental Scanning and Adaptive Decision Support for Business Mergers and Acquisitions
Raymond Y. K. Lau, Stephen S. Y. Liao, K. F. Wong, and Dickson K. W. Chiu
(pp. 1239-1268)

Network-Based Modeling and Analysis of Systemic Risk in Banking Systems
Daning Hu, J. Leon Zhao, Zhimin Hua, and Michael C. S. Wong
(pp. 1269-1291)

MetaFraud: A Meta-Learning Framework for Detecting Financial Fraud
Ahmed Abbasi, Conan Albrecht, Anthony Vance, and James Hansen
(pp. 1293-1327)

A Hidden Markov Model for Collaborative Filtering
Nachiketa Sahoo, Param Vir Singh, and Tridas Mukhopadhyay
(pp. 1329-1356)

Subject Index for Volume 36


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