Is Capital Punishment Justified Essay

Can Capital Punishment Be Justified? Essay

Can Capital Punishment be justified?

In this day and age it is quite common for young men to carry knives and other weapons. In spite of police campaigns to educate people against carrying weapons there has been a significant increase in the deaths of young British males. Often an argument may become heated, weapons are pulled put with tragic consequences.

As well as carrying knives it has become increasingly common, particularly in the English inner cities where the rug culture is prevalent for young, mainly black males to carry guns for reasons of status and protection. When one of their own is killed this is tragic enough but it is even more upsetting to the public at large when innocent bystanders are killed. this was highlighted by the case at new year when two innocent young teenage girls were shot in a gang shooting in England.

As the culture of carrying weapons increases, some sections of the population believe we should follow the American example of having a death penalty for murder. Although the American example has compelling evidence to support it, it would take a change in parliament's attitude before the death penalty was introduced here. The last time there was a vote on this issue in the Houses of Parliament, a majority of MP's voted against it.

However in my opinion Capital punishment is necessary in order for justice to prevail. Capital punishment is the execution of criminals for committing crimes, regarded so bad that this is the only acceptable punishment. Capital punishment lowers the murder rate, but its value as retribution alone is a good reason for handing out death sentences. It is one of the only fair punishments allowed by the judicial system. Another issue is that it saves money compared to the alternative of life in prison.

The death penalty deters murder and prevents murderers from killing again by putting the fear of death in to would be killers. A person is less likely to do something, if he or she thinks that harm will come to him. Another way the death penalty may help deter murder is the fact that if the killer is death, he or she will not be able to kill again....

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  • Criminals should all be set free

    How can a side that argues that criminals don't deserve to die because they would suffer, not recognize that imprisonment, and rehabilitation are just as cruel?

    When you send criminal to prison or put him on probation as a society, temporary or not, you deprive him of freedom of association, limit his access to the world, and cause him suffering by forcing our revenge upon the criminal. Did Jesus not say turn the other cheek?

    The only moral way to deal with criminals is to appeal to there better side, run, defend our selves (only as needed to stop the crime.)

    How does being secure by incarcerating and causing suffering to others, not make us any worse? It's not that they are innocent, it is just that we have no right to harm them in return, its the same reason we don't cheer any more for the kid who strikes back at the bully who assaults him, he is just as evil as his oppressor when he lowers himself, and so are we. The death penalty is only this tenfold.

  • Legalised murder -taking of another life in this way is inhumane

    No-one is entirely good or bad-saintly or evil we are a mixture of both. So when a person commits horrendous and unthinkable crimes against another or others then I believe there is hope of redemption. There are times that we must forgive a person or people their wrong doings to bring peace to ourselves. It is not acceptable also when a person has been executed for this to be seen as a celebration- what does this say about them -are they rejoicing that justice has been served or that a person has had their life ended prematurely because they made a mistake or wrong choice which being a human being we are all inclined to do- no-one is immune from this. It gives me no comfort when I witness this as they are condoning ending a life with such ease and that in itself shows moral corruption and it is exactly this as to why capital punishment should not be carried out- it festers away at our ability to forgive and move on and replaces it with bitterness, hatred and contempt for our less fortunate members of society who are the most in need of our support and understanding.

  • It's Too Late?

    Killing someone for killing other people is both hypocritical and unjust. Maybe seeing the person who killed someone you know and love would give you peace, but it won't bring them back. Not to mention, maybe the prosecuted has a family as well. Does anyone think about them? Offer comfort and condolences? No. They throw them from society, saying they were close to a murderer and are just as bad. Plus, crimes are acts of revenge. Revenge isn't without reason. And no one ever asks what that reason is before it's too late.

  • It can't satisfy anybody's conscience.

    It is quite simple to say that a person(perpetrator) who is supposed to be hang is justified but will it satisfy anybody's conscience? Will it put an end to that type of crime? The answer to that is a big NO. Take, for example, a terrorist being hanged for killing people. He might be deserving that simply considering the severity of the crime, but it will not bring the crime to an end, which should be our main agenda.

  • It undermines principles of criminal rehabilitation.

    One of the primary aims of the criminal justice system is to attempt to rehabilitate the criminal in order to both prevent the repetition of the crime by that individual, and to improve the life of that criminal. It is unjustified to take a life for a mistake they made.

  • Not a right thing to do

    The cost to pay for executions is too high, for example from the Report of the California Commission on the Fair Administration of Justice (2008):

    “The additional cost of confining an inmate to death row, as compared to the maximum security prisons where those sentenced to life without possibility of parole ordinarily serve their sentences, is $90,000 per year per inmate. With California’s current death row population of 670, that accounts for $63.3 million annually.” That is too high of an amount of money. Not to mention that this goes against almost every religion. However, there are some cases where life in prison is not acceptable for the crime the inmate has committed. In those few cases the death penitently should be allowed, but not as much as it has been going on.

  • Nevertheless...

    In the case of Korea, there are about 60 death-row criminals waiting to die. But there has been no capital punishment that has been enforced in past 14 years. Nevertheless, being sentenced death and yet still living can actually be more painful than a death. Everyday, death-row criminals wake up in fear if the day has came. Every time they are called out of their cells for whatever reason, they suffer fear of death since it can be their call for the injection. Maybe making their life so miserable this way is in fact a better "eye for an eye".

  • Punishment

    Since the government has decided that the person being sentenced to death cannot experience cruel or unusual punishment, there is no punishment to dieing instantly with no pain. Rotting in prison for the rest of their life is much more punishment than being taken out of this world in an instant.

  • not justified

    Killing a person to show that killing another person is wrong does not even make sense?? It is really hypocritical. The death penalty financial cost is also very high we pay more to kill a person than to keep them in jail. Who knew death was more expensive than life?

  • circle

    If some one kills some one they die what about the person that killed them they would died too and then it would never stop until everyone is dead. So I oppose this. It should not be justified.If a person is on trial for murder, then they are on trial for taking a life that is not theirs to take. Sending a person to death row is the same thing. A persons life does not belong to the government, therefore it should not be the courts decision whether a person lives or not. Also, taking a murderer's life does not bring back the death of the victim, nor does it justify it. Instead of the death penalty (for any crime committed), the criminal should be given the appropriate number of years sentence, which would depend on the intensity of the crime, along with the appropriate amount of counseling throughout the sentence.

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