The Hunger Games Theme Essays

“One half of knowing what you want is knowing what you must give up before you get it,” Sidney Howard once said. This famous quote relates to the Hunger Games in many different ways. One of the major themes of the Hunger Games by Susan Collins is that noble scarifies must be made for the survival of family and friends. The bottom line is that the protagonist sacrifices herself/himself in order to save others. The first example is how Katniss got money for Prim’s goat named lady. The second example is hoe Katniss sacrificed herself to the bag that held something they needed desperately to save Peeta. The last example is how Katniss volunteered as tribute for Prim. The real story how Katniss got enough money for Prim’s goat displays Katniss sacrificing herself to get something for Prim’s birthday.

“It was a Friday evening, the day before Prim’s birthday in late May. As soon as school ended, Katniss and Gale hit the woods, because Katniss wanted to get enough to trade a present for Prim. They were disappointed when they headed back because they didn’t catch anything. Katniss and gale were resting for a moment by a stream when they saw him. A deer.”(pg.269) they caught the deer and walked back to District 12 that Katniss lives in, and traded the deer with Goat man. These few state easily state that katniss made a sacrifice just to get prim a present. The second example is how Katniss went to the feast that had a bag that held something they needed desperately. In there case Peeta needed medicine to heal his leg. “No he says. You’re not risking your life for me. Who said I was? I said.”(pg.274).

Later they get in an argument and the she says,” All right, I am going and you can stop me!” this shows a sacrifice for loved ones in the novel. The last example it when katniss volunteers for Prim as tribute. “Prim! Strangled cry come out of my throat and my muscles begin to move again. Prim! I don’t need to shove through the crowd. The other kids make way immediately me allowing me a strait path to the stage. I reach her just as she is about to mount the steps. With one big sweep of my arms, I push her behind me, I volunteer gasp. I volunteer as tribute.”(p.22) This evidence clearly that Katniss made a sacrifice because she loves her sister so much. She had to make the sacrifice because if she didn’t she thought Prim was going to die. And second Prim had no skill, but Katniss did because her dad taught her archery.

The idea that noble sacrifices must be made in order for survival of families and friends is a major thing in the Hunger Games. Three examples show this idea with runs throughout the novel. The first example it how Katniss got money for Pims goat. The second example is how Katniss sacrificed herself to save Peeta’s life. The last example is how Katniss volunteered for Prim as tribute. Collins obviously meant to impress her readers the idea that sacrifices are very life changing which is important in a person’s life. If no one makes any type of sacrifice or sacrifices mankind will end!! So, make sacrifices to save family, friends, and others.

Survivor: Panem.

At the end of the day, The Hunger Games is about, um, the Hunger Games, and the Hunger Games are all about survival. You'll have to fight off psychotic rivals, VR wildfires, poisonous insects, genetically engineered dogs, and other fun stuff that the Capitol dreams up to try to kill the contestants. With the deck stacked that high against you, how can you possibly come out alive? Unless you're a Career, professionally trained and insanely confident, you can't like your odds.

Even outside of the Games, there's a battle for survival going on. The Games are just an extreme version of the daily struggle in the poor Districts of Panem, where death by starvation or mine explosion is always a distinct possibility. And it's just not physical survival that's at stake. As Peeta suggests, he'd rather die on his feet than live on his knees. When the two of them finally make it out alive, it's their psychological and spiritual survival that's almost more thrilling than the fact that they're both still in one piece.

Meanwhile, even the last, strongest Career has been voted off the island by a pack of mutant dogmonsters. Even Jeff Probst couldn't think up a challenge like that.

Take a peek at these thesis statements. Agree or disagree?

Survival here is literal life-or-death.

The film's really about psychological survival in the face of oppression.


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