Hank Kolb Case Study Summary

Hank Kolb - Director of Quality Assurance

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Team 2:

1. Park Sun Hwa

2. Choi Hee Ung

3. Wi Min Keun

4. Pascual Marie Charmaine

5. Doan Thu

Gwangju, October 1st, 2010


Hank Kolb had been hired as a director of quality assurance. Before Kolb started his job, he was advised by…show more content…

Define: - Greasex’s customers and their priorities: Customers in High-technology sector want to have a quality product. - The critical-to-quality characteristic of the product: the cans do not have too much pressure.
2. Measure - Measure the process and its performance - Key internal process that affects CTQs: although there is already a measure for each can produced, but this process still faced many defects due to the lack of a full procedure.
3. Analyze: Determine what the cause of the defects and understand the key variables: In above, we already figured out the problems of each matter such as: - Lack of training procedure. - Unreliable equipment. - Lack of quality of input component (nozzle head) - No effective test of the product design - No standard operating procedure and also No quality control procedure - Product was rushed to the marketplace
4. Improve: As we can see, all of the lack of quality due to the lack of procedure of each matter, that is why, making up a full procedure to improve the process is a requirement. • From personnel: the person who is in charge with the equipment must be selected carefully and trained formally.

• From plant maintenance: with this case, there are 2 alternative solutions to improve. The easiest, but not the best, is repairing all the equipment’s problem (sensitive filling head) and rescheduling for preventive maintenance periodically.

The second option is purchasing a

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Hank Kolb, Director of Quality Assurance

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Facts of the Case:

• Hank Kolb, Director of Quality Assurance is attending a seminar that is given to quality managers of manufacturing plants by the corporate training department. • Hank Kolb is now looking forward to digging into the quality problems at this industrial product that plant employing 1,200 people. • The company lacks quality that needs more improvement to continue their operations. • Hank Kolb found problems regarding from personnel, plant maintenance, purchasing, product design and packaging, manufacturing manager, and from marketing. • Hank Kolb must find a way to stop the company’s quality problem and somehow improve it.

I. Viewpoint

• Hank Kolb,…show more content…

It also leads to a lack of product tractability, quality maintenance records of the equipment so improvement or stabilization data is not available. Thus all decision was made with no data in mind.

Opportunity - Seminars that higher ranked employees can get information about what to do in times of business processes problems.

Threat - Manufacturing Company’s that has already implemented Six-Sigma concept and continuous improvement program. - New technology including new machines and equipments that other manufacturing company had.

V. Alternative Courses of Action

1. Implementation of the Six-Sigma concept to have zero-defect products. 2. Hiring of new people that has experience on handling of filling equipments in manufacturing, as well as people in maintenance, purchasing department, product design and packaging, and people from marketing. 3. Setting up a continuous improvement program onto their business processes.

VI. Recommendation

We, strongly recommend alternative course of action no.3 because with the help of continuous improvement program, Hank Kolb can now easily make a step to improve their manufacturing processes.

VII. Conclusion

I, therefore conclude that Hank Kolb must setup a successful continuous improvement program. Hank will have first to study very carefully the

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