Playlist Title Ideas For Essays

I have:

2002 Choons - A mix of some great dance records from 2002
Best of 2003 - A chronological mix of songs from 2003
Bass - Heavy bass tracks
Current Favourites - I update this regularly, and drag in all the songs I'm listening to currently
Garage Favs - Some great summery garage tunes
Happy Hardcore - My favourites from a 6 disc happy hardcore album
My Top Rated
Never Play - Smart Playlist of 25 songs I've never played
Old Goodies - Smart Playlist - Highly rated songs not listened to in the last month
Random Downloads - Smart Playlist of 25 random downloaded tunes (not from a ripped in album)
Recently Played
Top 25 Most Played
Travis - My favourite Travis hits from their 4 albums
Wake Up (Dance) - A playlist to wake up to with Dance music
Wake Up (Indie) - A rock/indie playlist to wake up to

I keep meaning to do a good Summer playlist, and a nice one for driving with.


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In May, Spotify reached a milestone: 10 million paid subscribers, totaling in 40 million users worldwide. Ubiquitous as the streaming service has become, there may be an area of Spotify you've yet to fully appreciate: Tucked away in the Browse section lives the "Genres & Moods" playlists.

These aren't your normal "Today's Top Hits" playlists. These are for situations that call for a more curated selection of tunes.

Spotify has a playlist if you, say, missed your train and are forced to sleep in the station overnight. Or to occupy on a long, boring car trip. Or to accompany a mac n' cheese dinner. And more. So, so much more. The breadth of mood-oriented lists is bananas, but it's the ludicrous specificity of these playlists that's the real LOL.

Take a look at smattering of some the most ridiculous playlists Spotify has to offer:

Smart Is The New Sexy: "Who said being smart isn't sexy? Cast your vote for the changing tide and soak up some amazing tracks."

Forever Alone: "Why are all my crushes either taken or jerks?! #foreveralone"

The Perfect Crafternoon: "Soundtrack a perfect crafternoon spent scrapbooking, knitting or working on projects with friends."

Walk In Like You Own The Place: "Put those headphones on and get amped up with these heavy beats and swaggering anthems."

Happy To Be Home: "After a long day, sometimes it's hard to let go. Relax and de-stress with this happy playlist."

Kitchen Swagger: "Get jiggy in the kitchen while making dinner with this groovy playlist."

Twerkin' From Home: "'Nuff said!"

Make It Stop!: "A painful collection of some of the most hated and horribly annoying songs of all time."

Dive Bar Essentials: "Sometimes there's nothing better than a good, cheap dive bar. Get that atmosphere with this timeless rock playlist."

Mac 'N Cheese: "Fun songs all about food. Food sing-a-longs for lunch time, in the car, or around the house."

Last One Awake: "Some slow, sorta sad songs to end those night when you can't help feeling alone."

Train Station Sleepover: "You missed the last train out, and the station is now your home for the night. This will help."

Don't Drink The Water: "Mexico is praised by many country music artists as a land of beautiful women and cheap beer. If you're planning a trip, there's four words of wisdom ..."

Not Your Mother's Christian Music: "From tattoos to banjos or tours with Taylor Swift, these hip young artists are finding creative ways to share their faith with new audiences."

Move On And Don't Look Back: "There is a reason why the windshield is bigger than the rearview mirror, never look back. Get over your ex and move on."

Clinically Cold: "When you've got ice water coursing through your veins, you need tracks that relate. Doesn't get anymore real than this."

Bored In The Back Seat: "Spice up those long car rides with this eclectic playlist. It'll make hitting the road way more fun."

Continental Breakfast: "A relaxing start to your day. Enjoy a healthy breakfast and nourishment from this chilled out list of perfect tunes."


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