Ist 220 Homework #4 Solutions

Tolman Hub SiteData Router = 69 x PortsVoice Router = 37 x PortsCory Hub SiteData Router = 53 x PortsVoice Router = 29 x PortsLa±mer Hub SiteData Router = 65 x PortsVoice Router = 35 x PortsBerkley Museum SiteData Router = 57 x PortsVoice Router = 31 x PortsRec Facility Hub SiteData Router = 63 x PortsVoice Router = 34 x PortsDiderot JosephHomework #4IST 2203/26/17UC – Berkley Campus Enterprise NetworkThe layout below illustrates hub sites and the rou±ng of the physical Fber connec±on that comprise the university’s network. The system takes into account costs by implemen±ng a par±al-mesh network and making the most e²cient use of Fber cables by rou±ng them around major obstacles like major roads and bodies of water, and rou±ng them mostly along the side of the road or underground instead. Included in the diagram are the number of ports needed at each hubsite.Included in the diagram are the number of ports needed at each hub site as well as the tenta±ve Fber path that shows the interconnec±on of the hub sites.

IST 220 – World Campus Page 1 Homework #4 Homework #4 Enterprise Network Design Overview You will be designing an on-campus internetwork for new large university that has been proposed. The University will have dozens of buildings, all within a very close proximity to each other. Use the University of California, Berkeley Campus as a model for your design. You can find their campus map which is also attached at the end of this assignment. Note: Your design does not need to include any buildings south of Durant Ave. Your diagram needs to include several hub sites, interconnections between the hubs sites in a partial mesh network, full-mesh or ring network design for redundancy. Each building needs to have three network connections (minimum) to the hub site – one for wired networks, one for wireless networks and a third for the Voice Over IP telephone system.


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