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This is a list of new fiction titles ordered for the Springfield City Library this month. If you wish to place a hold on a title, you may do so by placing a request yourself through the online catalog, or by calling your local library branch, or by using our AskaLibrarian service.

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Books March 2018



Librarians’ Picks

Ahrnstedt, SimonaHigh Risk
Ames, JonathanYou Were Never Really Here
Andersen, LauraThe Darkling Bride
Andreasen, MichaelThe Sea Beast Takes a LoverShares surreal stories that bring the supernatural into everyday life, including an extramarital affair that ends with an alien abduction and a third grade class’ field trip to a floundering time travel institute.
Andrews, Mary KayThe High Tide Club
Atkins, AceRobert B. Parker’s Old Black Magic
Baker, MishellImpostor Syndrome
Barnes, JulianThe Only StoryA man who ran away as a teen university student with a married woman more than twice his age reflects on how they fell in love, how he freed her from a sterile marriage and how their relationship fell apart as she succumbed to depression.
Beauman, NedMadness Is Better Than DefeatA CIA agent sets out to exploit an ancient temple in the Honduran jungle for his own purposes but discovers the site is the focal point of large conspiracies that began 20 years prior.
Beers, GeorgiaRight Here, Right Now
Bell, NatashaExhibit AlexandraAn abducted woman held against her will in a room suffers tortuous worries about her husband and children, who, in the wake of unsettling evidence, are led to believe she has been killed.
Blum, YoavThe Coincidence Makers
Brown, Rita MaeProbable Claws
Brown, TaylorGods of Howl MountainConcocting potions and cures for her 1950s mountain-dwelling community, a folk healer with a dark past helps her bootleg-whiskey-runner grandson outmaneuver rivals, federal agents, snake charmers, and the mystery of his mother’s long confinement in a mental hospital.
Cabot, AmandaA Borrowed Dream
Camp, BryanThe City of Lost FortunesMaintaining a low profile in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, a street magician who inherited an ability to find lost things from his superhuman father, is drawn back into the world by the murder of a Fortune god to whom he owes a debt, an event that exposes a plot that threatens the city’s soul.
Chapman, JuliaDate With Malice
Clark, BeckyFiction Can Be Murder
Cleland, Jane K.Antique Blues
Clipston, AmyAn Amish HeirloomFrom bestselling authors in the Amish genre come four novellas about the meaning and tradition found behind every family heirloom.
Copenhaver, JohnDodging and BurningA mystery writer, Bunny Prescott, pieces together what really happened during the summer of 1945, when her friend Jay took a photo of a corpse he claimed to have found in the woods.
Coyle, CleoShot in the Dark
Cussler, CliveThe Gray Ghost
Dearman, LaraThe Devil’s Claw
Dekker, TedThe 49th Mystic
Delury, JaneThe BalconyA century-spanning portrait—from the Belle Époque to the present day—of the inhabitants of a French village reveals the deception, despair, love and longing beneath the calm surface of their ordinary lives.
Dodd, ChristinaDead Girl RunningSurviving a gunshot wound to the head and struggling to remember an entire year of her life, Kellan Adams finds herself on the run from a husband she hopes is dead and takes a job at a Pacific Coast resort, where she is embroiled in a murder investigation that makes her question both her past and her sanity.
Dray, StephanieMy Dear Hamilton
Duncan, Elizabeth J.The Marmalade Murders
Evans, Richard PaulThe Forgotten Road
Evison, JonathanLawn BoyFaced with a life of menial prospects in the years after high school, Mike Muänoz, a young Mexican-American, attempts over and over to change his life for the better and achieve the American dream, only to be stymied by social-class distinctions and cultural discrimination.
Feeney, AliceSometimes I Lie
Florio, GwenUnder the ShadowsTroubled journalist Lola Wicks, to regain her sanity and custody of her daughter, takes on a puff piece about overseas adoptions, but when the story takes a deadly turn after the teen she is interviewing is accused of murder, she sets out to prove the youth’s innocence.
Frances, MichelleThe Girlfriend
Frank, Dorothea BentonBy Invitation Only
Frantz, LauraThe Lacemaker
Frazier, CharlesVarinaForced by limited prospects to marry much-older widower Jefferson Davis, teenaged Varina Howell finds her expectations as the wife of a Mississippi landowner upended by his appointment as the leader of the Confederacy, a situation that renders her and her children fugitives in a divided and increasingly hostile nation.
Fredericks, MariahA Death of No Importance
Gratton, TessaThe Queens of Innis LearA fantasy inspired by Shakespeare’s “King Lear” depicts a once-bountiful isle decimated by a prophecy-obsessed king’s erratic decisions, where three rival princesses prepare for a war that will determine their realm’s leadership and survival.
Gray, Shelley ShepardHis Risk
Greathead, KateLaura & Emma
Harmel, KristinThe Room on Rue Amelie
Harrington, KentLast Ferry Home
Harris, C. S.Why Kill the InnocentThe murder of a beautiful young musician during a brutal winter in 1914 London ensnares nobleman Sebastian St. Cyr in the unsavory agendas of the British royal court.
Haseldine, JaneWorth Killing for
Hillerman, AnneCave of Bones
Holbert, BruceWhiskey
Jacobs, NovaThe Last Equation of Isaac SeveryReceiving a cryptic letter from her famous mathematician grandfather just before his suicide, adopted granddaughter Hazel, the owner of a struggling bookstore in Seattle, is charged with tracking down and protecting a dangerous equation before dangerous enemies can exploit it.
Johnson, ChelseyStray CityBuilding a home for herself in the lesbian underground of Portland, a young artist becomes unexpectedly pregnant after a reckless night and is forced to come to terms with her past a decade later when her precocious daughter asks about her father.
Karst, LeslieDeath Al Fresco
Kenyon, SherrilynDeath Doesn’t Bargain
Khan, Ausma ZehanatA Dangerous CrossingDetectives Esa Khattak and Rachel Getty travel through Europe in search of a woman who has gone missing while working with Syrian refugees and is implicated in a double murder.
King, CamrynStiletto Justice
King, StephenThe Outsider
Kingsbury, KarenTo the Moon and Back
Koontz, Dean R.The Crooked Staircase
Kope, SpencerWhispers of the DeadA series of bizarre murders that have left the victims nearly unidentifiable forces Magnus “Steps” Craig of the FBI’s Special Tracking Unit to match wits with the most cold-blooded killer he has ever encountered.
Kress, NancyIf Tomorrow Comes
Lain, DouglasBash Bash RevolutionA compelling coming-of-age artificial intelligence novel from Philip K. Dick Award-nominated author Douglas Lain.
Lansdale, Joe R.Jackrabbit Smile
Laureano, CarlaThe Saturday Night Supper ClubAfter an essay he writes results in chef Rachel Bishop’s firing, a repentent Alex Kanin partners with Rachel to host an exclusive pop-up dinner party that they hope will restore her career.
Laurens, StephanieThe Designs of Lord Randolph Cavanaugh
Lawhon, ArielI Was Anastasia
Lynch, ChristinaThe Italian PartyArriving in 1956 Tuscany, newlyweds Scottie and Michael find their sensory experiences in the ancient city overshadowed by dark secrets, the disappearance of a troubled teen, and unsettling revelations about their roles in a dangerous political game.
Lyon, RachelSelf-Portrait with BoyA struggling young photographer accidentally captures on film a boy falling past her window to his death, an unexpectedly evocative image with the potential to launch her career and complicate or heal a community in mourning.
Mackintosh, ClareLet Me Lie
Malerman, JoshUnbury CarolA woman prone to secret temporary comas that make her appear to be dead receives protection from a redemption-seeking former lover who would save her from being buried alive by her fortune-hunting husband.
Malliet, G. M.In Prior’s Wood
Malpas, Jodi EllenWith This Man
Mayes, FrancesWomen in Sunlight
McGuane, ThomasCloudburstsA collection of forty-five short stories depicts protagonists on the fringes of society whose twisted pasts complicate their future prospects.
McKenzie, CatherineThe Good Liar
McKevett, G. A.Hide and Sneak
Miller, MadelineCirceA highly anticipated follow-up to the award-winning The Song of Achilles follows the banished witch daughter of Titans as she hones her powers and interacts with famous mythological beings before a conflict with one of the most vengeful Olympians forces her to choose between the worlds of the gods and mortals.
Moning, Karen MarieHigh Voltage
Moon, ElizabethInto the Fire
Moore, ChristopherNoirA mad-cap noir set on the streets of post-World War II San Francisco follows a smitten barkeep and unofficial fixer-for-hire as he investigates his paramour’s disappearance amid a series of weird events involving an unidentified flying object and a mysterious plane crash.
Mukherjee, AbirA Necessary Evil
Nathan, PatrickSome HellA wrenching and layered debut about a gay teen’s coming-of-age in the aftermath of his father’s suicide traces the efforts of a middle-school youth who searches for a confidante and solace while reading his late father’s bizarre personal notebooks and enduring painful family dynamics.
Nay, RozOur Little SecretThe interrogation-weary, longtime ex of a man whose wife has gone missing imparts the story of their relationship a decade earlier to a criminologist who appears to be the first person who believes her.
Neggers, CarlaThe River House
Patterson, JamesPrincess
Powers, RichardThe OverstoryA novel of activism and natural-world power presents interlocking fables about nine remarkable strangers who are summoned in different ways by trees for an ultimate, brutal stand to save the continent’s few remaining acres of virgin forest.
Quick, AmandaThe Other Lady Vanishes
Rax, CydneyA Sister’s Secret
Rice, ChristopherBone MusicRaised by a pair of serial killers who murdered her mother and tried to reshape her in their own twisted image, Charlotte is further victimized by tabloid tell-alls that erupt after her rescue before she is dosed with an experimental drug that gives her a shocking new power and causes her to be targeted by a power-hungry corporation.
Roberts, NoraShelter in Place
Rosenfelt, DavidRescued
Sarvas, MarkMemento ParkWhen Matt Santos becomes aware of a painting believed to have been looted from his family in World War II, he must reconnect with his father, his family history, and his own Judaism in order to recover the mysterious work.
Scalzi, JohnHead on
Shelton, PaigeLost Books and Old Bones
Shepard, SaraThe ElizasUnable to convince anyone that she was pushed before she was rescued from the bottom of a hotel pool, a rising author struggling with depression and memory loss begins to question her sanity as elements from her debut novel mix up with events in her real life.
Shipman, ViolaThe Recipe Box
Smith, Michael FarrisThe FighterThe author of Desperation Road presents a blistering novel of violence and deliverance set against the mythic backdrop of the Mississippi Delta.
Snelling, LauraineA Breath of Hope
Sonneborn, JuliaBy the Book
Steel, DanielleThe Cast
Stenson, PeterThirty-sevenThe sole survivor of a defunct, rural Colorado cult, newly released from mental health counseling, is hoping to live a quiet and unobtrusive life working at a thrift shop but is encouraged by his new boss to start the group up again.
Strawser, JessicaNot That I Could Tell
Swanson, PeterAll the Beautiful Lies
Swinson, KikiDead on ArrivalBecause of her husband Reese’s gambling debts, Dawn Spencer and Reese get drawn into a lucrative illegal-immigrant-smuggling ring, but after several immigrants turn up dead on arrival and Reese bets more than he can ever repay, the Feds and cold-blooded loan sharks begin closing in.
Thompson-spires, NafissaHeads of the Colored People
Tolstaya, TatyanaAetherial Worlds
Toro, Guillermo delThe Shape of Water
Vale, MariaThe Last WolfTo make a real place for herself, Silver Nilsdottir, a lone runt with a crippled leg in her wolf form who faces a life of endless submission, must fight for Tiberius Leveraux who needs her Pack’s protection since he is her only chance at ever having a mate and the only one who can save them all from ancient enemies.
Van Alkemade, KimBachelor GirlJazz Age millionaire Jacob Ruppert, the owner of the New York Yankees, takes his personal secretary and a young actress under his wing and oversees their growing love for each other before triggering dark rumors with his decision to leave the young womanthe bulk of his fortune.
Ward, J. R.The Thief
Wilson, Daniel H.Guardian Angels and Other MonstersDisplaying the depth and breadth of his vision, the New York Times best-selling author of Robopocalypse presents a collection of stories that examines how artificial intelligence both saves and destroys humanity.
Wolfson, BriannaRosie Colored Glasses
Wolitzer, MegThe Female PersuasionA shy college freshman finds her perspectives transformed by a mentor activist at the center of the women’s movement who challenges her to discover herself in ways that take her far from the traditional life she envisioned at the side of her boyfriend.



Librarians’ Picks

Ackerman, SaraIsland of Sweet Pies and Soldiers
Albert, Susan WittigQueen Anne’s Lace
Alexander, V. S.The Taster
Allnutt, LukeWe Own the SkyWhen a devastating illness takes his beloved family from him, a man who once believed himself incredibly lucky takes solace in photographing the skyscrapers and cliff tops his son and he once visited before embarking on a powerful journey through forgiveness back to life.
Anderson, KentGreen SunMoving to 1980s East Oakland, California, to join the mostly black community he serves and protects, Vietnam veteran Hanson befriends a neighborhood boy, pursues a romantic relationship, navigates a tricky relationship with a drug dealer and works diligently to stay honest in spite of the forces of hate and violence that compromise his job.
Arlen, TessaDeath of an Unsung Hero
Baldacci, DavidThe Fallen
Ball, JesseCensusLearning that he does not have long to live and will need to figure out how to provide for his developmentally disabled adult son, a widower signs up as a census taker for a mysterious government bureau and leaves town with his son on a cross-country journey of memories and revelations.
Barnhill, KellyDreadful Young Ladies and Other StoriesA collection of short stories includes the novella, “The Unlicensed Magician,” in which an invisible girl once left for dead pursues a secret, magical life.
Belden, EmilyHot Mess
Bishop, AnneLake Silence
Boast, WillDaphneBorn with a rare condition that causes her to suffer degrees of paralysis when experiencing intense emotion, Daphne endures a virtually solitary existence before meeting a shy, charming man who compels her to chose between safe isolation and true intimacy.
Briggs, PatriciaBurn Bright
Bujold, Lois McMasterPenric’s Fox
Burke, SueSemiosisHuman colonists are forced to survive on limited resources on a planet with an inexplicable environment, where trees offer deliciously addictive fruit one day and poison the next and the ruins of an alien race are discovered within plant roots.
Cambron, KristyThe Lost Castle
Carr, RobynThe Family Gathering
Childs, LauraPlum Tea Crazy
Church, Elizabeth J.All the Beautiful Girls
Clark, Mary HigginsI’ve Got My Eyes on You
Cleeves, AnnThe Glass Room
Clement, JenniferGun LoveGrowing up in the front seat of the car she shares with her mother in a lot beside a trailer park, Pearl suffers a terrible tragedy stemming from her mother’s gun-toting boyfriend and is forced to survive on her own as she comes of age.
Clipston, AmyThe Beloved Hope Chest
Coster, NaimaHalsey StreetA modern-day story of family, loss, and renewal, Halsey Street captures the deeply human need to belong—not only to a place but to one another.
Coulter, CatherineThe Sixth Day
Crispell, Susan BishopDreaming in Chocolate
Crook, ElizabethThe Which Way TreeSurviving a panther attack that kills her mother and leaves her with scars, a tenacious young woman resolves to find and kill the unusually aggressive cat with the assistance of a charismatic Mexican American, a haunted preacher, her traumatized half-brother and an old hunting dog.
Cross-smith, LeesaWhiskey & Ribbons
Deaver, JefferyThe Cutting Edge
Deboard, Paula TreickHere We Lie
Delany, VickiThe Cat of the Baskervilles
Dickey, Eric JeromeBad Men and Wicked Women
Dolan, EvaThis Is How It EndsA community activist and social protester squatting in a building slated to be converted to luxury condos, already well-known by the police, must clear her name after a gruesome murder is committed in her apartment while she attended a rooftop party.
Downie, RuthMemento Mori
Fisher, Suzanne WoodsPhoebe’s Light
Forna, AminattaHappinessAn American scientist and an Ghanaian psychologist become unlikely partners and friends during a search for a missing child that challenges their perspectives on their careers and happiness.
Fox, CandiceCrimson LakeWrongly accused of the brutal abduction of a 13-year-old girl, Sydney detective Ted is forced to hide in the crocodile-infested wetlands of Crimson Lake, where he agrees to help convicted killer Amanda Pharrell in a case involving dangerous secrets.
Gaylin, AlisonIf I Die Tonight
Genova, LisaEvery Note PlayedA once-celebrated concert pianist who is gradually succumbing to ALS is forced to accept help from the estranged wife he pushed away, a situation that forces the couple to reconcile their past before time runs out.
Giordano, MarioAuntie Poldi and the Sicilian LionsRetiring to Sicily in the hopes of spending her final years enjoying the ocean view, the wine and the company of friends, 60-year-old Auntie Poldi discovers that her new home is not quite as tranquil as anticipated when her handsome young handyman is found murdered.
Goodman, CarolThe Other Mother
Green, JocelynA Refuge Assured
Grimes, MarthaThe Knowledge
Hall, ParnellThe Purloined Puzzle
Halliday, LisaAsymmetryA first novel by an award-winning writer explores the imbalances that spark and sustain dramatic human relations, tracing the overlapping stories of a young American editor’s relationship with a famous older writer, an unexpected New York romance during the early years of the Iraq War and an Iraqi-American man who is detained by immigration officers in Heathrow.
Harper, KarenShallow Grave
Harrison, CoraA Gruesome Discovery
Hepworth, SallyThe Family Next DoorWhen Isabelle, a single woman, rents the house next door to Essie and the two forge a friendship, Essie’s friends have questions about the woman who moved to the neighborhood for a secret purpose.
Hollinghurst, AlanThe Sparsholt AffairA World War II-era Oxford engineering student who hides secret ambitions to join the Royal Air Force and the lonely son of a celebrated novelist forge a fateful bond that reverberates throughout seven decades of shared family life and friendship.
Hooper, KayHold Back the Dark
Howard, Catherine RyanThe Liar’s GirlAlison Smith—the former girlfriend of Will Hurley, who, unbeknownst to her at the time they were dating, was a serial killer—arrives at Dublin’s Central Psychiatric Hospital to hear Will’s last confession in order to get him to help Garda detectives solve a copycat murder.
Johansen, IrisShattered Mirror
Jones, Lisa ReneeEnd Game
Kallentoft, MonsZackA Stockholm police officer being investigated by internal affairs for his hard-partying nightlife begins to take his career more seriously when he and his partner are assigned to investigate the brutal murder of five women.
Katsu, AlmaThe HungerA supernatural reimagining of the Donner Party story follows a group of wagon-train pioneers who navigate sanity-testing misfortunes, including the mysterious death of a little boy and a series of disappearances that cause a beautiful member of the group to be accused of witchcraft.
Kenny, MeghanThe Driest Season
Kepler, LarsThe Sandman
Kerr, PhilipGreeks Bearing Gifts
Knox, JosephSirensAn emotionally damaged Manchester detective takes an undercover assignment to rescue a politician’s runaway daughter, who has developed an association with a brilliant and lethal drug lord.
Larsen, WardCutting Edge
Lazarin, DanielleBack TalkA collection of stories from an award-winning, emerging author includes tales about a nearly-divorced woman who befriends the neighbor trying to buy her apartment and a teenage girl who experiences first love while still grieving her mother’s death.
Lewis, BeverlyThe Road Home
Lloyd, AmyThe Innocent Wife
Lloyd, HeatherMy Name Is Venus Black
Lotempio, T. C.Death by a Whisker
Lukas, Michael DavidThe Last Watchman of Old Cairo
Maberry, JonathanGlimpseA recovering addict who has been clean for three years begins seeing things and hearing voices in her head when a ghostly boogey man she imagined in her drug-induced hallucinations begins hunting her in real life.
Mackin, WillBring Out the Dog
Macy, CaitlinMrs.
Marrs, JohnThe One
Martin, KimmeryThe Queen of Hearts
McCall Smith, AlexanderThe Good Pilot Peter Woodhouse
Mcilvain, RyanThe RadicalsTwo graduate students at a New York City university begin a campaign against a giant energy company that is swindling innocent homeowners out of all their money, only to have the protest movement they started turn violent.
Miles, JonathanAnatomy of a MiracleConfined to a wheelchair after a paralyzing injury, an Afghanistan War veteran endures a hardscrabble existence in his sister’s ramshackle Mississippi home before spontaneously regaining his ability to walk, an apparent miracle that subjects him to scientific and religious debates and exposes his most private secrets.
Morris, MaryGateway to the Moon
Nesbo, JoMacbethA modern retelling of Macbeth by the award-winning author of the Harry Hole series is set in a run-down industrial town in the 1970s and follows the efforts of a popular but increasingly corrupt police officer and his calculating casino owner girlfriend to work with a powerful local drug dealer to murder a professional rival and set up his best friend.
O’Connor, CarleneMurder in an Irish Churchyard
Oliveira, RobinWinter SistersWhen the two young daughters of friends killed in a late-19th-century storm vanish without a trace, a former Civil War surgeon launches a determined rescue effort that is challenged by a community that believes there is no hope and a violin student niece who returns home from Paris with a secret agenda.
Ortberg, MalloryThe Merry Spinster A collection of darkly whimsical stories based on classic fairy tales updates familiar favorites with elements of psychological horror, emotional clarity and feminist mischief.
Palmer, DanielThe First Family
Parisien, DominikRobots vs. Fairies
Patterson, JamesThe 17th Suspect
Perry, AnneTwenty-One Days
Pronzini, BillThe Bags of Tricks Affair
Quincy, D. M.Murder in Bloomsbury
Rachman, TomThe Italian TeacherAn Italian youth raised to revere the genius artist father who abandoned their family strives to become worthy of his father’s attentions through a series of failed career pursuits before he hatches a scheme to secure his father’s legacy
Rao, ShobhaGirls Burn BrighterForging a deep friendship with impoverished but passionate fellow weaver Savitha, motherless Poornima leaves behind everything she knows to search for her friend after an act of cruelty drives Savitha away.
Reynolds, AlastairElysium Fire
Rosenberg, Joel C.The Kremlin Conspiracy
Rosenfelt, DavidFade to Black
Ross, Ann B.Miss Julia Raises the Roof
Sandford, JohnTwisted Prey
Schutt, ChristinePure HollywoodA collection of short stories from a Pulitzer Prize finalist and O. Henry Award winner include the tales of an alcoholic widowed actress living alone in the desert and a newlywed couple who cross paths with a painter burned by love.
Schwehn, KaetheThe Rending and the NestSurviving in a cobbled-together community called Zion after 95% of the earth’s population has disappeared, Mira is shocked when an outsider arrives and lures her best friend away with tales about the wonders of the world beyond.
Scottoline, LisaAfter Anna
Sharpe, TessBarbed Wire HeartIn a book set in upstate New York near the Canadian border, Harley McKenna has had to work for her North Country-criminal father since she was 16, and as she is trying to decide whether to stay in the family business or get out, her family’s biggest rivals, the Springfields, come gunning for her.
Shriver, LionelProperty
Sittenfeld, CurtisYou Think It, I’ll Say It
Slimani, LeilaThe Perfect Nanny
Spillane, MickeyThe Last Stand
St. James, SimoneThe Broken GirlsMore than 60 years after one of four friends in a reputedly haunted boarding school goes missing, journalist Fiona Sheridan resolves to learn her sister’s fate before a harrowing discovery is made.
Stapley, MarissaThings to Do When It’s Raining
Sundin, SarahThe Sea Before Us“As D-Day approaches, American naval officer Lt. Wyatt Paxton is teamed up with Dorothy Fairfax, a British officer. Once they piece together family and reconnaissance photos to map Normandy, will Wyatt’s bombardment plans destroy what Dorothy loves most?”
Tamirat, NafkoteThe Parking Lot AttendantA reviled member of a dysfunctional Ethiopian immigrant community in Boston reflects on the experiences that brought her and her introverted father to America and traces her growing bond with the community’s charismatic con-man leader, whose schemes embroil her in a plot with unanticipated repercussions.
Thayer, NancyA Nantucket Wedding
Tilahun, Na’amen GobertThe Tree
Urrea, Luis AlbertoThe House of Broken AngelsAcross one bittersweet weekend in their San Diego neighborhood, revelers mingle among the palm trees and cacti, celebrating the lives of family patriarch Miguel “Big Angel” De La Cruz and his mother, and recounting the many tales that have passed into family lore.
Vandermeer, JeffThe Strange Bird
Wideman, John EdgarAmerican Histories
Woods, StuartShoot First



Librarians’ Picks

Albert, Susan WittigThe Darling Dahlias and the Unlucky Clover
Bancroft, JosiahSenlin Ascends
Beard, JanetThe Atomic City GirlsA novel inspired by the stories of everyday women who contributed to the Manhattan Project during World War II follows the experiences of 18-year-old June, who, in 1944, travels to a city that does not officially exist to work alongside hundreds of other young women operating massive secret machines in support of the war effort.
Beaton, M. C.Death of an Honest Man
Berry, SteveThe Bishop’s Pawn
Billingsley, Reshonda TateSeeking SarahAfter believing her mother has been dead since she was 7 years old, Brooke Green is shocked to learn that her mother is actually alive and living in Atlanta with a new career and family and decides to make her pay.
Bing, StanleyImmortal Life
Bohjalian, Christopher A.The Flight Attendant
Bowen, RhysThe Tuscan Child
Box, C. J.The Disappeared
Boyce, Trudy NanThe Policeman’s Daughter
Brodsky, Jordanna MaxOlympus Bound
Brody, FrancesDeath in the Stars
Carey, PeterA Long Way from HomeThe award-winning author of Amnesia finds a speed-loving woman, her car salesman husband and a thrill-seeking quiz-show champion entering a dangerous race that circumnavigates the natural obstacles of 1954 Australia.
Carroll, JamesThe CloisterA priest and a Holocaust survivor find their perspectives and senses of identity reshaped by their shared investigation into the classic romance between discredited religious scholar Peter Abelard and his intellectual paramour, Héloïse.
Cherryh, C. J. Emergence
Clare, AlysThe Rufus Spy
Cleeton, ChanelNext Year in Havana
Cohen, LeslieThis Love Story Will Self-destruct
Coover, RobertGoing for a BeerA collection of the best short fictions fromthe grandmaster of postmodernism.
Cussler, CliveThe Rising Sea
Darznik, JasminSong of a Captive BirdA first novel reimagines the life of rebel poet Forugh Farrokzhad, who is depicted as a passionate young writer in search of freedom and independence from the restrictions imposed on women in mid-20th-century Iran.
Dazieri, SandroneKill the Angel
De Los Santos, MarisaI’ll Be Your Blue Sky
Deveraux, JudeAs You Wish
Duffy, BrendanThe Storm KingHaunted by dark secrets and a shattering graduation-night mystery, a young doctor returns to his isolated Adirondacks hometown, where the discovery of a body in the deep woods exposes long-kept secrets and forces the doctor to confront his past as a vigilante teen.
Elliott, LexieThe French GirlSharing an idyllic week in a French farmhouse, six university students find their deep bond tested by the arrival of a beautiful woman who undermines their loyalties and ignites tensions before an explosive event that places one of the students under suspicion for the woman’s death a decade later.
Ellis, KarenA Map of the Dark
Emezi, AkwaekeFreshwaterTraces the experiences of a deeply troubled young woman who alarms her devout Nigerian family as she succumbs to multiple personality disorder and begins to display increasingly dark and dangerous traits in accordance with her fractured personalities.
Feehan, ChristineCovert Game
Fielding, JoyThe Bad Daughter
Finch, CharlesThe Woman in the Water
Fluke, JoanneRaspberry Danish Murder
George, ElizabethThe Punishment She Deserves
Goldberg, PaulThe ChateauFacing daunting prospects after losing a prestigious job, a once-successful science reporter investigates the suspicious death of his college roommate, a Miami Beach plastic surgeon, in an all-or-nothing case that is shaped by the schemes of the reporter’s political dissident father.
Golden, ChristopherBlood of the FourA princess’ desire for power in a realm where everyone is a slave upsets the delicate balance of peace between the royal and working classes, triggering a series of events that will end in her either becoming a goddess or destroying the kingdom.
Graham, HeatherA Dangerous Game
Granger, DesireeThe Carter Boys
Greaney, MarkAgent in Place
Gutcheon, BethThe Affliction
Gwin, MinrosePromiseBarely surviving an F5 tornado that rips through her 1936 Mississippi hometown, an African-American laundress and great-grandmother searches for her family among the catastrophe’s survivors while bonding with the traumatized teen daughter of a despised white judge.
Haig, MattHow to Stop TimeA man with a secret rare condition that has enabled him to survive for centuries moves to London to become a high-school history teacher and considers defying his protective guardians’ rule against falling in love when he becomes entranced by a captivating colleague.
Hart, JohnThe Hush
Herron, MickThis Is What HappenedLiving alone in a month-to-month London sublet, a woman with virtually no friends or family is recruited by MI5 to help thwart an international plot that puts all of Great Britain at risk.
Hilton, EricaDirty Work
Horn, DaraEternal LifeEver since she made a deal to save her son’s life in Roman-occupied Jerusalem, Rachel has been doomed to live eternally, but as her descendants develop new technologies for immortality, she realizes that, for them to live fully, she must die.
Housewright, DavidDarkness, Sing Me a Song
Howard, LindaThe Woman Left Behind
Howarth, PaulOnly Killers and ThievesTwo adolescent brothers are exposed to the brutal realities of life and the seductive cruelty of power after a tragedy shatters their family on the untamed frontier of 1880s Australia.
Hunt,TomKiller Choice
Iweala, UzodinmaSpeak No EvilAn Ivy League-bound star athlete from a prestigious private school in Washington, D.C., and his best friend, the daughter of prominent government insiders, struggle with brutal responses to the young man’s sexual orientation before finding themselves speeding toward a violent and senseless future.
Jackson, LisaOne Last Breath
James, E. L.Darker
James, VicTarnished City
Jance, Judith A.Duel to the Death
Klassen, JulieThe Ladies of Ivy CottageMoving into Ivy Cottage with the two Miss Groves, impoverished gentlewoman Rachel Ashford resolves to earn her own livelihood and discovers mysteries among her inherited library that she investigates at the side of a former love.
Kleypas, LisaHello Stranger
Lee, Mira T.Everything Here Is Beautiful
Leon, DonnaThe Temptation of Forgiveness
Lyle, H. B.The Irregular
Mamet, DavidChicagoThe Oscar-nominated screenwriter of The Untouchables and Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright of Glengarry Glen Ross presents a novel set against a backdrop of the 1920s Chicago mob scene and follows the experiences of a World War I veteran who seeks vigilante justice against the man responsible for killing the woman he loved.
Mangan, ChristineTangerine
Margolin, PhillipThe Third Victim
May, PeterI’ll Keep You Safe
McCall Smith, AlexanderA Time of Love and Tartan
McGuire, SeananBeneath the Sugar SkyArriving with a splash in the pond behind Eleanor West’s Home for Wayward Children, Rini is informed that her mother, Sumi, died years before Rini was conceived, a baffling revelation that Rini is forced to come to terms with in order to save the world.
Me, Tara SueHeadmaster
Meissner, SusanAs Bright As HeavenA tale set in 1918 Philadelphia during the Spanish flu epidemic traces the experiences of a family reeling from the losses of loved ones and changes in their adopted city, a situation that is further shaped by their decision to take in an orphaned infant.
Meltzer, BradThe Escape Artist
Michaels, FernSweet Vengeance
Michaels, FernTruth or Dare
Mosley, WalterDown the River Unto the Sea
Navin, RhiannonOnly Child
Nunez, SigridThe FriendBecoming the guardian of her late best friend’s enormous Great Dane, a grieving woman is evicted from her no-pets apartment and forges a deep bond with the equally distraught animal in ways that initially disturb her friends.
Okorafor, NnediBinti
Olafsdottir, Audur AvaHotel SilenceThe award-winning, internationally best-selling author of The Greenhouse presents the story of a recently divorced man who embarks on a life-changing journey in a war-torn country where he discovers the tools to mend the lives of those he encounters.
Patterson, JamesRed Alert
Pedreira, DavidGunpowder Moon
Quatro, JamieFire Sermon
Quindlen, AnnaAlternate Side
Reizin, P. Z.Happiness for HumansWorking to humanize a sophisticated AI, a London software company employee falls for an equally lonely aspiring writer in Connecticut before discovering that their match has been arranged by her AI charge, a situation that is further complicated by a hostile adversary.
Rivers, FrancineThe Masterpiece
Rothman-Zecher, MorielSadness Is a White BirdA young Israeli reflects on the circumstances and choices that led to his imprisonment, a downward spiral involving his friendship with two Palestinian twins, his deeply ingrained loyalties to his family, and his service in the Israeli army.
Rowe, RosemaryThe Price of Freedom
Salvatore, R. A.Child of a Mad God
SaundraIf It Ain’t About the MoneyWhen Secret and Kirk mastermind a scheme to rob wealthy people’s bank accounts, Secret’s sister, Penny, and their friend, Isis, get caught up in the drama, and when Isis finds new love, she realizes that she must also find a way out of this crazy life of crime.
Saylor, StevenThe Throne of Caesar
Scotch, Allison WinnBetween Me and You
Sigurdardottir, YrsaThe LegacyRequired to both question and protect a traumatized 7-year-old girl who is the only witness to a murder, rookie detective Huldar and psychologist Freyja navigate elusive clues left behind by an unusually slippery killer.
Simpson, RosemaryLies That Comfort and BetrayA book of stories of how uncertainly we move through space and time by ourselves and with others.
Singh, VandanaAmbiguity Machines
Smith, AliWinterA follow-up to Autumn depicts in wry observations a bleak, post-truth era rooted in history, memory, art and laughter at a time of endurance and survival.
Spencer, SallyDry Bones
Steel, DanielleAccidental Heroes
Stross, CharlesDark State
Swanson, CynthiaThe Glass Forest
Sweterlitsch, TomThe Gone WorldTime-travel secret agent Shannon Moss visits future time periods for clues about a Navy SEAL astronaut’s murdered family and the disappearance of his teenage daughter, a case that is complicated by the SEAL’s and Shannon’s own impact on the timeline.
Swinson, KikiBad BehaviorCollects two stories about women who suffer after stealing, from the sister of a brother-sister crime team who gets into trouble when she falls in love, to a pair of female diamond thieves who must try to survive after they’re double-crossed.
Tantimedh, AdiHer Beautiful Monster
Todd, AnnaThe Spring Girls
Vargas Llosa, MarioThe Neighborhood
Vlautin, WillyDon’t Skip Out on MeDetermined to prove his worth as a son abandoned by his biological parents, a half-Paiute, half-Irish ranch hand leaves his aging caregivers to become a champion boxer before matches organized in Mexico and Las Vegas lead to his realization that he cannot change his identity or outrun his destiny.
Vliet Oloomi, Azareen Van DerCall Me ZebraThe last surviving member of a line of exiled, bookish anarchists, atheists and autodidacts leaves her New York home for Barcelona to retrace the journey she made years earlier with her father, only to forge an unexpected connection with a man with very different perspectives.
White, Randy WayneCaribbean Rim
Williams, BrittaniThe Black Diamond Trilogy
Wilson, CarterMister Tender’s GirlTen years after she survived a horrible stabbing at the hands of two classmates obsessed with a comic book character, Alice is threatened by someone who knows the deeply private details of her life and seems determined to finish the job.
Winspear, JacquelineTo Die But Once

An openly transgender person was elected to office in Pennsylvania for the first time Tuesday, making him one of several transgender candidates across the nation to emerge victorious — and giving hope to an American community that has felt under attack by the Trump administration.

“It’s history-making, especially in light of the present regime,” said Deja Lynn Alvarez, a transgender activist who works at the Philadelphia Department of Public Health. “A large part of the country is tired of the hate, whether it’s with transgender people or other people.”

The Pennsylvania victory came in Erie, where Tyler Titus, a professional counselor, won one of four seats on the city’s school board. The Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, a political action committee that supported Titus and other LGBT candidates, hailed the victory and said it would resonate beyond Pennsylvania.

“Trans people remain severely underrepresented in our politics and government,” the fund said in a statement. “And now more than ever we need trans voices like Tyler’s in the halls of power.”

Voters in other states embraced transgender candidates. In Virginia, Danica Roem defeated 13-term incumbent Robert G. Marshall — who had sought to limit transgender people’s access to bathrooms — for a seat in the legislature.

In Minnesota, Andrea Jenkins was elected to the Minneapolis City Council — becoming the first transgender woman of color elected to public office in a major U.S. city.

Transgender candidates have run for office before. Henry McGregor Sias, a Philadelphia lawyer, sought to become the nation’s first transgender male judge when he ran for Common Pleas Court this year. He was defeated in the primary.

Despite that outcome, Sias said he believes Philadelphia is ready to have transgender people in leadership. Tuesday’s victories show young transgender people in particular can grow up to be embraced and successful, Sias said.

“Our status as trans people,” he said, “is no longer disqualifying.”

Being transgender means identifying with a gender different from the one in which you were born. Although some people opt for surgery, it isn’t required to make a transition, and neither is hormone therapy, which would result in a more gradual process.

The Trump administration has repeatedly singled out the transgender community: The president vowed in July to bar transgender people from serving in the military. The Justice Department — reversing the Obama administration’s policy — also said last month that federal civil rights law does not protect transgender people​ from workplace discrimination.

Alvarez, the Philly activist, called the actions “extremely harmful” to an already vulnerable community. But Tuesday’s victories are a sign to keep fighting, she said.

“That should definitely help,” she said, “to give hope back to people that were starting to feel lost.”



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