Mass Effect Feros Assignments

Assignments are the side missions of Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2. There is a large variety of assignments to complete; this page is a list of them. Click on a specific assignment in the list to read its detailed walkthrough. For a list of missions broken up by cluster and system, see the Mass Effect System Guide.

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Some assignments are listed more than once; this is intentional and is intended to make them simpler to find by listing them in all relevant contexts as they appear in the Journal.

For an alphabetical list of assignments, see Category:Assignments; for locations, see Category:Assignment Locations.

Mass Effect Edit

Please Note: The assignment names as given here are intended to match those in the game; sometimes the game itself is inconsistent, in which case all of the variations are listed here (e.g.Asari Diplomacy, Missing Person).

Character-Specific Assignments Edit

Shepard's Background Edit

These quests relate to Shepard's pre-service history.

Squad Member Assignments Edit

These assignments relate to the histories of your fellow crewmates.

Citadel Assignments Edit

General Edit

These assignments are available during your first and all future visits to the Citadel.

Second Visit Edit

These assignments are available after completing one of the major missions (Noveria, Feros or rescuing Liara).

Detainee Visit Edit

These assignments are only available during your detention at the Citadel.

Charted Planet Assignments Edit

These assignments are specific to their relative planet.

Feros Edit

Noveria Edit

Virmire Edit

Galaxy-Wide Assignments Edit

These assignments span the entirety of Citadel-controlled space. Assignments prefixed with the UNC indicator represent assignments that take place on uncharted planets.

Galaxy Collection Assignments Edit

These assignments involve traveling across Citadel space and finding numerous hidden collectibles.

Uncharted Space Assignments Edit

Morality-dependent Assignments Edit

Downloadable Content Edit

Bring Down the Sky Edit

Pinnacle Station Edit

Mass Effect 2 Edit

Normandy Edit

Omega Edit

Citadel Edit

N7 Edit

Illium Edit

Tuchanka Edit

Downloadable content Edit

Project Firewalker Edit

Project Overlord Edit

Arrival Edit

May O'Connell has asked you to find replacement power cells in the ruins of Zhu's Hope, in order to restore power to the colony.

Alternative journal entry:
You found some power cells while exploring the tunnels beneath Zhu's Hope. It's likely that someone back in the colony will be able to use them.

Acquisition Edit

Prerequisite:Feros: Geth Attack

Speak to May O'Connell near the entrance to the Zhu's Hope colony. This can be done at any time after speaking with Fai Dan for the first time, and subsequently eliminating the geth that interrupt your conversation.

Alternatively, this assignment can be acquired by recovering the power cells before talking to May.

Walkthrough Edit

May will ask Commander Shepard to obtain the power cells necessary to power the generator. They are found on a heavily damaged vehicle, down in the tunnels.

Head towards the elevator to the skyway, and continue down the stairs beyond it. Once in the tunnels fight through the geth, if this has not been done already. Go through another set of doors about halfway along the path.

Upon going through the doors, a short cut-scene will show some varren who seem ready to devour you. Kill all the varren in the area. This will start the Feros: Varren Meat assignment if not already begun.

Approach the vehicle and look at the front; examine the fuel compartment to recover the power cells. The only other loot cases in this room are the sludge canister and malfunctioning object. Leave the tunnels and take the power cells back to May O'Connell.

May rewards Shepard with omni-gel and some credits that Fai Dan gave her, in addition to 8 Paragon points.

Warning: If May is killed during the main Feros mission the assignment can still be acquired, but not completed.

Enemies Edit

See Also Edit

The following assignments can also be completed while in the tunnels:


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