Aqa A Level History Coursework Specification Writing

Why AQA History AS and A-level?

We’ve simplified our A-level History specification with two written papers and one personal study option. We’ve included some of the most popular topics from our current specification as well as some new ones and have made sure that all of these topics are well resourced. You’ll also be able to adapt and re-use many of your existing classroom resources.

What it means for you and your students

  • with medieval, early modern and modern topics, you and your students have a great choice of topics
  • you can set your own route through the specification, constructing a chronologically coherent course. Or you can select from different periods if you want to offer a broader thematic approach
  • with A-level, you can let your students choose any topic, or you can select a period or theme, giving you maximum control and flexibility
  • your students’ learning will be enhanced by new AQA-approved textbooks and digital resources linked directly to the specification. We’ll also signpost to all the original source material required
  • our AS-level provides a strong stand-alone qualification, fully co-teachable with our A-level.

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