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Pakistan is the country blessed by all types of seasons. The people of this country enjoy all the seasons along with the different natural gifts like snowfall, different kinds of vegetables and fruits, rain, leave fall and many other things. There are four seasons usually come in Pakistan which is spring, autumn, summer and winter. Spring is the season normally come in the month of April and ends in May. In this season the new flowers and buds grow. A large variety of flowers is seen everyone. The weather is seen everyone. The weather is normally not so hot or cold. As spring usually come after the winter and before the summer season.

A large number of fruits and vegetables are available in this season to enjoy. After spring summer season starts and it prolong for 4to5 months. It is started from June and ends in September. In this season sun shines to its maximum. Sometimes the days become so hot that it becomes very difficult to survive. For this people use air conditioners and coolers to keep themselves fine. Due to enough hotness, it starts raining. Specific types of fruits and vegetables are introduced by the summer season like mango, apricot, pineapple, guava etc. after summer, winter season starts in this season the day and night become so cold that people start using heaters and warm clothes to keep themselves warm all the time.

The special fruits come along in this season which is orange. It is the source of vitamin L. at the end of winter season, the leaves on the trees start falling and the formation of the new buds and leaves starts. This season is called autumn. In this season the floors of grounds covered with the fallen leaves. So every one has its own importance along with its blessings. They all are necessary for the human beings and in this matter the people of Pakistan and fortunate to enjoy all the seasons in a year.

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"Seasons of Pakistan"

Every country have different climate . According to the climate they have different seasons. Pakistan has four seasons:

(1) Autumn

(2) Spring

(3) Summer

(4) Winter


Autumn is different from the other seasons. It comes after winter and ends up in the March.It comes for three months.Autumn is also known as the falling season, because when it comes the leave fall from the trees. The floors of the ground covered with the fallen leaves. Every street every ground covered with the fallen red leaves and flowers. The trees drop their all old leaves and new buds start grow, just like the beginning of the new day. In Autumn season cool breeze spread every where carrying leaves and flowers himself. Mostly People in Pakistan don't like this season , because of the fallen leaves. In this season people have to clean their homes again and again that's why thy don't like this season. 

Here we have some awesome wallpapers of Autumn season:




Spring is the most amazing and colorful season. It comes in the March and ends up in the May. It also comes for three months. In Spring season every plant start grow specially the flowers. People plants flowers in their homes. When spring comes, the fragrance of the flowers spread everywhere. that make everyone happy. In Spring season many flowers exhibitions held in the gardens by the government and lakes decorated by the government as well. Larg number of people go out side to visit theseexhibitions and enjoy the decorated and colorful lakes. Mostly people like to wear colorful dresses in Spring. A special event named 'Basant' held in Pakistan just in Spring season.


Summer is the hot season.  It comes in May and the end of the September it goes. It comes for the long time. When it comes the days become longer compare to the other days. It is the hottest season. Because of the hotness, government of Pakistan gives special holidays to all students that called 'Summer Vacations'. In Summer season many people visit water parks. Pakistani people used to go to the lakes in Summer and take ice creams and shakes. Mango and Water malon are the special fruits of Summer.


Winter is the coolest season. When it comes it carries cold winds himself. Because of the cool winds people wear warm suits in Winter. In Winter people used to take tea and coffee. In Winter the days become shorter and the night become longer. In Winter the mountainous area of Pakistan covered with the snow. Mostly people like to visit the mountainous areas because of the snow falling.


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