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Essay on Health Organization Case Study

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Health Organization Case Study
Christina Churu
Grand Canyon University
Nursing and Leadership Management
NRS 451 V

September 23, 2012

Health Organization Case Study
Banner Health is a nonprofit health care system that was started on September 1, 1991 after the merger of Samaritan Health System and Lutheran Health Systems. Before the merger Lutheran Health System had a long standing history as a respected health care provider in rural communities located across Western and Midwestern states dating as far back as 1938 while Samaritan Health System was formed in 1911 and had a reputation for clinical excellence in California and Arizona primarily in the metro Phoenix area. The headquarters of Banner Health are located in Phoenix…show more content…

Clinicians recognize risk factors assess, better diagnose and manage patients and reduce mortality rates. (Trenary, 2007)Describes how Banner Health Care System uses a system called eICU where patients are cared for by intensivists, experienced critical care nurses and health unit secretaries working from a remote location on the campus of Banner Desert Medical Centre. From this location care clinicians can see and hear six different units in five different hospitals .Their aim is to increase this added support to all ICU patients within their Banner Health Care System across the seven states in twenty different facilities. .Using the eICU system the ICU rooms are fitted with a camera, microphone and a speaker .The camera is activated when initiated by the bedside team when there is an alert received from the eICU system .There is no recording availability so the system is HIPAA compliant .This system adds an additional support to the nurse patient ration at bedside. A similar system is used in the Ob department to support the nurses and help to reduce complications during childbirth
The (Institute of Medicine Report ,2010) pointed that there was need in the transformation of nursing

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